Average winds from HRDI, WINDII, and TIDI

First ever direct comparison of winds in the MLT region as observed by three independent sensors: HRDI (1992 Р1998), WINDII (1991 Р1997), and TIDI (2002 Р2005). Data analysis was performed on Level 2 products from each instrument. Wind data were binned onto a common format for independent yaw cycles and independent look geometry (right and left side for HRDI, warm and cold side for TIDI, OI[5577A] and OI[6300A] for WINDII): initially into 7.5 degree track angle bins (9.0 degree for HRDI) as a function of altitude and day number, and then into a data cube 7.5 degree in latitude, 2.5 km in altitude, and 1 hour in local time. UARS yaw cycles were compressed onto the annually repeatable TIMED yaw cycle frame and then averaged. The result was a final data cube for six time frames: mid-Jan to mid-Mar, mid-Mar to mid-May, mid-May to mid-Jul, mid-Jul to mid-Sep, mid-Sep to mid-Nov, and mid-Nov to mid-Jan. These animations may be accessed using the wind animation matrix.