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TIDI Data Products

The TIDI team is currently processing Version 11 (D011) data.
Version 11 improves on Version 10 in a number of ways. The most significant improvements are:

  1. The spectral fitting algorithm has been made more robust. In D010, a significant amount of good data were rejected. The new algorithm resolves this.
  2. The background removal model has been improved.
  3. The spectral normalization is now time and wavelength-dependent (no longer constant)
  4. O(1D) red line winds processed through Level 1 are available.
  5. There is better anomaly recognition and error handling.

D011 data are made available on the Coordinated Data Analysis Web (CDAWeb) as they are processed and validated. Please download the same version number for all the data products that you need.

For Level 1 files, point your browser to:

For Level 2 files, point your browser to:

For Level 3 files, point your browser to:

If you have problems downloading TIDI data files, contact [email protected]

Please see information on Data Availability.