Description of data types

TIDI data and data products are tagged with version numbers indicating the algorithms, data formats, and calibration files used in the production of these data and data products. It is recommended that TIDI data users specify these version numbers when publishing results to avoid any uncertainty related to the origin of the data.

All data types are produced in NetCDF format.LOS Files (Line-of-Sight Files): Contains the raw spectra given in counts and corrected spectra given in Rayleighs per inverse centimeter (after the removal of instrument artifacts). Time and position information are included, as well as the line of sight brightness, the line of sight background, and the line of sight wind speed.PRF Files (Wind Profiles): Contains the inverted winds at each level in a height profile. In addition to time and position information, the inverted background and volume emission rate at each level in the profile are also included.VEC Files (Wind Vectors): Contains the zonal and meridional components of the vector winds mapped onto an evenly spaced track angle grid, as a function of altitude. Also included are volume emission rate and background level information.