HRDI / WINDII wind comparisons

Beginning in 1991, both HRDI and WINDII observed winds remotely in the MLT region from the UARS platform. Line of sight winds were measured using Doppler shifted airglow spectral ‘lines’ as the diagnostic tool. HRDI observed the terrestrial airglow limb from both the Right side and the Left side of the spacecraft obtaining altitude information via a vertically scanning telescope, while WINDII simultaneously imaged the limb on one side of UARS at two orthogonal points and used spacecraft attitude information to geo-locate each imaged row of binned pixels. HRDI observed the O2 At (0,0) daylight emission in the MLT while WINDII primarily observed OI (5577A) radiation, both day and night, and on occasion OI (6300A) emission. Daily averaged Meridional and Zonal wind components for HRDI-RightSide, WINDII-green, and HRDI-LeftSide as a function of altitude and track angle were decomposed onto an altitude/local solar time/latitude grid for individual UARS yaw cycles. These winds may be viewed by accessing the wind animation matrix. In addition, the volume emission rates corresponding to these winds may be viewed by accessing the ver animation matrix.