WINDII Data Animations of Daily Averaged Products

Daily averages of reduced geophysical parameters are displayed from the WINDII Level 2cd analysis product. Displays are a function of track angle (0=equator, 90=northernmost, 180=equator, 270=southernmost) and altitude. Quantities are separated based on the observed emission, either the OI (5577A) green line or the OI (6300A) red line. Volume emission rate (photons/cm^3/s) in base 10 log (ver green and ver red), and meridional (merid green and merid red) and zonal (zonal green and zonal red) components of the horizontal winds (m/s) have been animated. Panels are shown with the format WVGYDDD.ALL, where Y corresponds to the year 1990+Y, and DDD is the day number in that year. WVG implies the daily average of ALL accessible data.